Fancy Touch Carousel


A Fancy Animated Carousel With Multiple Themes, Image Effects and Customizations. It is cross-browser and Touch Enabled. It even works on both Android and iOS. Fancy Touch Carousel can be used as slider, carousel, logos showcase, navigation and alot more. Multiple Themes allows you to blend it with any Website. Fancy Touch Carousel allows you to have subtitles below the images and links on hover effects. Fancy Touch Carousel comes with lots of CSS hover effects including greyscale effects, rotation effects, blur effect and alot more. The jquery customization allows you to set image sizes, different image sizes for phones and tablets, animations speeds, themes and  image effects. The Fancy Touch Carousel comes with life time of free updates and support.





  • Responsive
  • Touch Enabled
  • Cross-Browser Support
  • Multiple Themes
  • Hover Themes
  • Effects
  • Highly Customizable


The Customizations allows:


Animations Speed,

Hover effects,

Hover Effects Speed,

Cross-browser Greyscale Effect,


Customizable Image Sizes in Phones and Tablets and much more.