WordPress Advanced File Manager


Easy to use WordPress File Manager plugin, which enables the users to view, edit and create files in the WordPress folder and its sub-folders. It has simple and elegant interface and can be easily used even by beginners. It has Windows-styled GUI, context menu (right click menu) shortcuts and image editing capabilities. The WordPress File Manager plugin allows you to have multiple folders for each users, shared folders for users and by default every users get their own folder which no one have access to. The WordPress File Manager has image is Cross-Browser and works in iOS and Android and most new mobile devices. The right click menu allows you quick access to features like deleting a file, editing it, renaming it and uploading files to your folder.





WordPress File Manager

WordPress File Manager


Ban Access to Specified Users.

Enable/Disable File Manager.

Auto Folder Creation For All Users.

Icons for major file types, and thumbnails for images.

Supports Image editing (crop, rotate, resize).

Admin can set access permissions (Read/Write) for different users.

Admin can set folder permissions for different users.

Drag and Drop Support.

Cut/Copy/Paste Support.

Upload Files / Create Files.

Create Archives (Zip, Tar, BZip, GZip).

Text File Editing.

Icons / List Views.

Right-Click Menus.