jQuery Touch Menu


jQuery Touch Menu is a jQuery Plugin for responsive menu which allows you to have infinite menu items since it is scrollable and doesn’t need to collapse to a button in smaller screens. It is Cross-Browser and Works on Both iOS and Android. The package comes with Multiple Themes.

jQuery Touch Menu looks the same in smaller devices, the menu doesn’t collapse to a button like it usually does in responsive menus and in case the menu is larger for smaller screens, it becomes scrollable and touch enabled. jQuery Touch Menu comes with multiple in-built color themes and scrollbar themes. You can make your own menu and scrollbar themes easily using CSS. The jQuery plugin allows you to customize the menu, you can set the animation speed, scrollbar position under the menu / menu height, drop-down menu position under the menu bar, theme, menu shadow and scrollbar theme. jQuery Touch Menu works with all the major browsers including Android and iOS. jQuery Touch Menu comes with Life Time of Free upgrades and support.








  1. Responsive Menu
  2. Android / iOS Compatible
  3. Mobile First
  4. Scrollable
  5. Touch Enabled
  6. Unlimited Menus
  7. Multiple Themes
  8. jQuery Plugin
  9. Highly Customizable
  10. Cross-Browser